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Folville Junior School

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

These are the details for our return on Monday 8th March 2021

  • Breakfast Club will start from 8am as normal and all children will stay in their class bubbles, in the canteen. Then the children will go straight into class. (Please book this online from Wednesday 3rd March, in advance).
  • At 8.30 the playground gates will open for Years 4 and 5 to enter and go straight into class- staff will be in the playground to guide them.
  • At 8.30 the hall doors will be open for Year 3. Staff will be there to support.
  • At 8.30 the staff car park will be closed to cars and open to Year 6 to enter at the top fire door. Staff will be there to support.
  • Please do not all arrive at 8.30! School starts at 8.50 so we will spread the numbers entering over these 20 minutes.
  • Please only have one adult bringing pupils to reduce the numbers at the gates.
  • All adults please wear a face mask/covering.


  • Each class will spend the day in their bubble in their classroom. The only exception will be for break, lunch, computing and PE. All equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned between groups.
  • Break will be in the class bubble in the playground. There will be no tuck facilities available, so please bring a healthy snack if your child wants one.
  • Packed lunch will be in class, hot dinners in the canteen in their class bubble.  Hot dinners can be booked online from Wednesday 3rd March and should be booked in advance.  We would like to ask you to book your child’s meals up to the end of term Friday 26th March 2021, at least.
  • Uniform is the same but we understand there may be a delay in obtaining it.  We currently have a very limited stock available, and are expecting a delivery again during April, however we are completely out of stock for 13 years fleeces.
  • Year 4, 5 and 6 children will exit the school through the same gates they entered from at 3.10pm. Parents can come into the playground for Year 4 and 5- we will mark off an area, for parents to collect their child, please do not congregate in groups and maintain the 2 meter social distance rules. Staff will bring each class out at home time.
  • 3S and 3P parents can come to the hall from 2.55pm. This will operate on a one way system, parents will entre via the main front school entrance and exit using the staff car park gates.
  • 3WT parents can collect from the canteen gate from 2.55pm.
  •  Year 6 parents can wait outside the staff car park on the pavement.
  • We will work out pick-ups for childminders and family groups.  For family group and childminder collections please contact the school office to discuss collections with Mr Wells or Mrs Turner.
  • Afterschool care will take place until 5.30. We are using the hall and children will be kept in their bubbles. Please book this online.  Please book in advance and where possible, book up to the end of term. Bookings can be made online from Wednesday 3rd March 2021.  If you do not book your child’s place in advance, we may not be able to offer a space, therefore we recommend booking for the week commencing 8th March by Thursday 4th March 2021.


IMPORTANT – all parents and adults in the playground and around the school gates must maintain 2 metre distance from each other at all times, and wear a face mask/covering.  This will help us to restrict the spread of COVID.

Remember that even if you have had a vaccine, you can still spread the virus to others.


Sadly we cannot have parents on the premises without an appointment. Please contact the office on 2824368 if you need any support.

Best wishes, Bruce Wells.