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Folville Junior School

Pupil Premium

Folville Junior School Pupil Premium Grant Planned Expenditure Report 2018/19

Overview of the school

Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG


Total amount of PPG received


Summary of PPG spending 2018/19

Objectives in spending PPG

Raising Attainment and achievement of pupils to good progress through:

  • Extra teaching staff to allow smaller class size for math’s lessons across the school and literacy lessons in year 6.
  • Teacher used in year ¾ for intervention with pupil premium children.
  • Appointing and training both teaching staff and support staff to carry out identified interventions to accelerate pupil learning in reading, writing andmaths.
  • Extra revision and booster classes both after school and during schoolholidays.
  • Part fund BreakfastClub.
  • Part fund After SchoolCare.
  • Employ a counsellor one morning eachweek.
  • Reduced costs for musiclessons.
  • One to one and small group tutoring for Pupil PremiumPupils.
  • More teaching assistants to support Pupil Premium pupils inclass.
  • Opportunities such as the Leicester University Year 6visit.
  • Support for residential trips, music lessons anduniform.

Summary of planned spending : Raising

Standards Costs

EAL Support

Pupil Premium Targeted Teaching Time Academic Coaching/1-2-1/Interventions Easter School (Yr6)

Breakfast Club

School Clubs/After School Care Uniform/Trips/Music Lessons

Additional Teaching Assistant & Whole School Learning Mentor / Family Support Worker Library Service/Staffing

The Spark – Travelling Production Whole School Sports Coaching  (Behavioral Support)

Outcomes to date: We continue to see a significant difference in academic ability and social development, which has been aided by our ability of offering smaller class sizes. Academic Coaching and 1-2-1 Interventions remain successful and continue to boost, esteem and confidence which we will continue to make available to our children. Support and interventions for year three and four children supporting literacy and reading, also supporting all of our year six pupils to sit their SAT’s papers. The family support has proved to be very successful with many parents engaging with this service and we will continue to build on this. With this role in place we are supporting children with emotional and social issues, along with using this as a tool to manage behavior, friendship problems and bullying. The role also focuses on pupil attendance and developing relationships with parents.

Record of PPG Spending by Project/Objective

PPG Allocation



Pupil Premium Target Time


Targeted teacher interventions delivered by teaching staff to pupil premium children, working with individuals/small groups.

Academic Coaching / Counselling / 1-2-1



To support and accelerate progress for pupils and raise achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Easter School (Yr6) SATS Support


To accelerate progress supporting pupils to achieve Level 4 or above in reading, writing and


Breakfast Clubs / School Clubs / After School Care / transportation costs to

sporting venues


To provide a warm healthy start to the school day, helping to improve attendance and concentration in class. Enabling pupils to participate in a wide and enhanced curricular

Provision through clubs.

Uniform/Trips/Music Lessons /


Providing school jumper/fleece /PE Kit, to reduce any social/class segregation in school and to adhere to the school uniform policy.

Enabling pupils to participate in a wide and enhanced curricular through trips/residential trips.

To enable pupil participation in instrumental lessons.

Teaching Assistant & Learning Mentor/Family Support


To ensure consistency of high quality teaching support across the whole school.

Early Identification and support for pupils and families to raise parental engagement and pupil achievement. To work closely with pupils who are at risk of becoming disengaged and to improve attendance and behavior for learning.

Library Service / Staffing


To offering a range of topics, and age appropriate books enhancing curricular provision, supporting language and literacy


Sports Coaching and Behavior Support


To support pupils with social and emotional needs, to improve learning behaviors and self-esteem and confidence.