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Folville Junior School

Rationale for our curriculum

Folville Rationale 

(Folvilling your potential)

At Folville Junior School the teachers, parents, governors and wider community strive to ensure that every one of our children reach their full potential.

Our curriculum and character muscles are designed to develop our pupils so that they are:

  • Healthy in mind and body.
  • Creative, skilful, innovative and reflective problem solvers.
  • Friendly, kind, caring and happy.
  • Confident, ambitious, thoughtful, successful leaders, empowered with self-belief to reach their full potential.
  • Democratic team players, able to communicate with others in a variety of ways.
  • Interested in the world around them, adventurous and environmentally aware.
  • Tolerant, inclusive and understanding with a strong moral compass.
  • Resilient, ambitious and proud.
  • Fulfilled, interesting individuals who know their place in time- life is a journey.