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Folville Junior School

School Uniform

Folville School Uniform Policy

We believe that school uniform is essential to create a sense of school community and pride.

We hope parents and guardians will support us in this so we can promote a community identity and pride in our appearance. The children of Folville have always been excellent ambassadors for the school and we believe that smart school uniform enhances this.  Whilst it is not compulsory for children to have the school logo on their uniform, it is expected that they wear clothing that reflects the schools recommended uniform and colours as stipulated below.



Trousers / skirts- grey or black. (No logos or writing, no blue jeans, no leggings, no jogging bottoms)

Shirts/ polo-shirts -white. (No logos or writing)

Sweater/fleece- Royal blue (With or without school logo, no hoodies)

Shoes- black or blue; flat; closed with secure fastenings. (Laces must be tied at all times, no glitter or light-up shoes)


Trousers/shorts/skirts-grey or black. (No logos or writing, no blue jeans, no leggings, no jogging bottoms)

All skirts/shorts must be longer than your child’s hands when held at his/her side.

Dresses - blue and white, checked or striped.

Pinafores- grey. (White shirts must be worn under pinafores.) Sweater/fleece-Royal blue (With or without school logo)

Shoes/sandals-black, white, blue- these must have secure fastenings, flat and be worn with socks. (No flip-flops, slip-ons, glitter or light-up shoes)

In the summer please think about protecting your child from the sun and put sun cream on in the morning.

A hat- to be worn in the playground only.


Long hair must be tied up for PE and sports- the child must be able to do this for themselves. Staff cannot help with this.

We recommend that long hair is tied up in school; it helps prevent the spread of head-lice.

PE and Sports

It is essential that all children have the correct clothing to take part in PE in all seasons. A change of clothes for physical activities is essential and must be bought into school on the day your child has PE.  

Long hair must be tied back for PE and sports.

PE Kit

Shirts- white, round- necked. (No writing or logos) Shorts- black.

Trainers or plimsolls- black or blue with secure fastenings.

Winter- children will do PE outside unless it is raining. Jogging trousers- black or grey (No writing or logos) Sweater-Royal blue, black or grey (No writing or logos) Hat- to be worn in the playground only.


All year groups will go swimming- this is an essential part of the school curriculum.

Swimming costume-boys- swimming trunks

  • swimming costume (one piece)
  •  large towel
  • swimming cap (which can be purchased from the school office, costing £1.00)


No jewellery should be worn during PE and sports.  Jewellery should be kept to a minimum in school: this is for health and safety reasons. If earrings must be worn, they must be small plain studs. The child must be able to remove these for PE. Staff are unable to help with this. If your child is unable to remove the jewellery by themselves, then please do not send them wearing jewellery on the days they have PE.  

The school accepts no liability for the loss or damage of any types of jewellery or personal possessions. We advise that these items are not brought to school.

No make-up or nail varnish to be worn to school.

It is a legal requirement for schools to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to ensure a safe environment for staff and pupils and health and safety confirms that wearing jewellery or personal adornments during physical education lessons and sporting activities is not permitted.  Religious jewellery must be taken off for the duration of the lesson and then may be put straight back on. 

Please see the link below to the government's guidance on schools uniform policy.

Folville Junior School ensures that our uniform is equitable and fairly priced.  All school uniform is available for purchase from major supermarkets.