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Folville Junior School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


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This term – Staff – Curriculum – Communication


Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3 at Folville. This first term is always an exciting and busy time. We are really looking forward to getting to know our new pupils and their families.


Please read the Communication section at the bottom of this page to find out more about how you can keep up-to-date with what is happening in year 3, and about how to get in touch with year 3 staff.



Please click on the Staff tab to the side of this page to see how our pupils see the staff – there are some excellent portrait drawing skills!



This term our learning will include lessons about:


    • introducing The Write Stuff approach to writing,
    • setting descriptions,
    • character sketches,
    • a traditional tale with a twist,
    • instructions, and
    • a ‘disaster’ narrative.


    • introducing our Folville times table system,
    • Number Sense,
    • place value unit, and
    • addition and subtraction unit.
  • Stone Age
  • Rocks
  • Extreme Earth
  • Portraiture
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Emotions and being neighbourly
  • Word processing in Computing
  • Team games in PE
  • Singing



You can find some information and links here on this page of our school website, but teachers use Class Dojo for day-to-day communication.

If you are a year 3 pupil or parent/carer, make sure you have connected with your class via Class Dojo. You should receive an invitation letter after joining our school. Contact the office or ask the class teacher if you have any trouble with this.

How it works:

The Class Story on Class Dojo is the place to find out about:

  • what pupils have been learning about in lessons,
  • letters coming home,
  • reminders about being prepared for school, and
  • messages about special events.

On Class Dojo, there is also a message tool, which allows parents to contact the class teacher directly, when needed.

Please contact the school office for anything related to school dinners, attendance and absence.