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Folville Junior School

Year 5

Year 5 Homework for Lockdown  - Autumn Term


Dear parents and carers,

Our usual homework for Year 5 is reading, spelling and times tables practice.

The following is to be used if your child is unable to come to school due to Covid.        



Reading – please keep on reading as much as possible!  We still have access to Myon where your children can read books at their level and quiz on them. The passwords are as last year.

Spelling – Please look at the spelling word lists in the Year 5 section. Look at and practise the Year 3 and 4 word list or Year 5 and 6 word list depending on the spelling ability of your child.

Writing – please look at the following:

Google - National Oak Academy Year 5

This will take you to – All subjects – Year 5 – Oak National Academy

Open the above and click on English.

Go to How to train your dragon

Follow one lesson a day in order.



Google – White Rose Maths Home Learning

Click on Year 5

Click on Current week      

Watch one video each day.

We don’t have the worksheets but your child can pause as they go along and try to answer the ‘Have a Think’ questions.

If the content seems too difficult for your child, look at an earlier year group.


Times tables – keep practising!

The children can use Times Tables Rock Stars for which they have a login, or can access our Folville times tables sheets in the Maths section of Homework on the school website.



Find out about one of the following:



The River Amazon


Animals of the Rainforests

Write and draw to present your mini-project.