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Folville Junior School

Window Decoration


Online lesson plan

Windows are not just to see out of or into, they can serve as gateways

between our everyday lives and magical worlds, they can be works of art,

beautiful canvas or help tell a story.


Watch the video from the visual artist Sian to tell you more:


  • What story you would like to tell on your window?

You can watch more videos and undertake the artist’s prepared tasks, or you can jump in with the real making and decorating your window!

Buzzing Roots - YouTube    

Think about what materials you have at home and then decorate a window that is visible from your street, so everyone can enjoy it.

You can use different types of paper, fabric, some household items, real plants anything you can find at home and your parents are happy for you to use.

Decoration completed

Once you have finished making submit your window to the online platform so everyone can use it as treasure map on their daily walks.